Stop Snoring Chin Strap – An Effective Anti Snoring Device?

Almost everybody does snore from time to time but if it happens more than occasional, then there’s a problem. Snoring affects both the quantity and quality of a person’s life. With poor sleep, a person is prone to increased fatigue during daytime, irritability, and a weaker immune system. Not only does snoring affect the sleeper him/herself, it also upsets other people who are disturbed by the snoring all night (or anytime during the day that people are in bed). Snoring, and sometimes at worse cases, obtrusive sleep apnea, causes major problems in relationships. (stop snoring mouthpiece) Fortunately, to sleep in isolation is not the sole solution for snoring.

What causes snoring?

Snoring does not always happen for the same reason. If you are able to find out why you, or your partner, or someone else concerned, snore/s then it’ll be easier to look for the best solution in order to have quieter sleep.

Most people who have excess nasal tissues are more prone to snore. This is because snoring—that loud, bothersome noise that keeps people awake during bedtime—takes place when air escaping from the body cannot move freely through the mouth and nose during sleep. The air vibrates when it bumps to floppy tissues that blocks its way out. Sometimes, the tongue gets in the way. If one of the two already mentioned is the reason, then the simple repositioning (try sleeping on the side) of the body when sleeping will solve the problem of snoring.

What else causes snoring?

Aside from wrong body positioning, there are other factors that can cause snoring.

Limited air passage can cause snoring. When we age, the throat narrows and the tone of the throat muscles decreases. This narrowing of the throat happens when one reaches middle age.

You’re body shape can also affect the likeability of snoring. Men, compared to women, have narrower nasal passages and are therefore more prone to snore. Physical attributes other than a narrow throat can also cause snoring. These are cleft palates and inflated adenoids (nasopharyngeal tonsil, a quantity of lymphoid tissue at the bottom of the nasal cavity). Snoring can also be hereditary.

Snoring can also be caused by sinus and nasal problems. When the nasal passages are blocked, the airways form a vacuum inside the throat making breathing difficult.

Fatty tissues also contribute to snoring. When the muscle tone is poor, when a person is obese or not in shape, then a person is more prone to snore. Sometimes, being out of shape is caused by glandular problems.

Certain medications also contribute to snoring. Too much alcohol intake and/or smoking also contribute to the probability of a person’s snoring. When the muscles are too relaxed, the probability of snoring increases.

Are there other solutions to snoring?

If non-medical efforts to end snoring are to no avail, it’s time to use over the counter treatments. It is best to consult an otolaryngologist or an ENT before choosing a dental device to cure snoring.

There are various remedies to snoring. One of the most effective is the use of the stop snoring chin strap or stop snoring mouthpiece.

What Is A Stop Snoring Chin Strap?

A stop snoring chin strap in the simplest sense is a chin cup commonly made of fabric attached to adjustable straps worn around the head. The anti sleep apnea chin strap is sometimes also called a jaw strap.

How does it work?

When a person sleeps, the mouth usually opens and the jaw drops. This causes the mandible to be misplaced, causing the snoring. The stop snoring chin strap holds the jaw in place. When the mouth is at the right position and kept that way, the air passes through the nose all throughout the sleeper is asleep. When asleep, the proper way to breathe is through the nose and not through the mouth.

That is the purpose of the jaw strap: to keep the mouth closed.

But does it work? The answer is: yes, it’s simple but it works.

Why the jaw strap works

During the deep non-REM deep sleep, the whole body loses its muscle tome. The body is not only relaxed, it is practically under total paralysis. This is why when waking up in the middle of deep sleep, a person finds it difficult to move. This of course, occurs for only a very short period of time. That is also the reason why, normally, people do not move about nor act out their dreams. Scientists believe that the muscles of the body shut down during sleep.

When the muscles are shut down, muscles all over the body are disconnected; this includes the tongue—which is also a muscle—and surrounding muscles of the upper nasal passage. The anti snoring chin strap keeps the jaw in front, preventing the mandible from falling back. This keeps soft tissues away from the back of the throat. Snoring occurs when soft tissues vibrate against the throat.

Anti Sleep Apnea Chin Strap Pros

Aside from the fact that it will put to a halt relationship problems caused by snoring, there are a lot of other benefits to using anti-snoring jaw straps.

It is a relatively cheap solution. Not only is it less costly, it is also easier to implement compared to other stop snoring products available in the market. It also works effectively and immediately for most cases. Sometimes it takes a few days to get significant results due to the need of an adjustment period.

Stop snoring chin straps are also good options when stop snoring mouthpieces are out of the question. Some people find them inconvenient to use. For those who are working on other factors to stop their snoring, jaw straps work efficiently as a temporary solution.

Anti Snoring Chin Strap Cons

As much as this dental device is really one of the best in the market, there are some people who do find them as effective as hoped. Some think that wearing jaw straps is inconvenient. Wearing something wrapped around the head could cause an uncanny feeling. It is not that convenient, especially for especially sensitive people.

Wearing chin straps also look uncanny, perhaps even hilarious, particularly if the user (and those who see the user) isn’t used to using one. It also causes rumpled hair when the user gets up out of bed.

These cons though are not such a big deal and relatively extremely bearable compared to obtrusive snoring.

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