Stop Snoring Mouth Guard – How To Finally Cure Sleep Apnea

Stop Snoring Mouth GuardDo you wish that your partner did not snore so you can enjoy your much deserved rest and sleep? Are you alarmed of waking up grumpy, cranky, tired and in the bad mood for work the next day because of not getting enough sleep the night before? (or vice versa if you are the one who is the snorer) Then you must address this problem using a stop snoring mouth guard and ensure a good sleeping time ahead and avoiding serious medical condition that may arise from not taking snoring seriously leaving if undiagnosed and untreated.

Stop Snoring Mouth Guard: What is it?

Mandibular Advancement Splint or a stop snoring mouth guard is a device that prevents the tongue from slipping backwards so that it does not block the passageways in the nasal area, promoting better breathing. You can purchase this from a medical professional, online or from a sleep center but you will sometimes pay substantial amount for a mouthpiece that will truly work for you. Before shelling out money for this stop snoring mouthpiece, you need to know what exactly is it that you are looking for, list down the reasons for buying one and see which type will be the suitable solution for your snoring problem.

Is it an Effective Device against Snoring?

This will depend since there are a lot of guards out there that will address various types of snoring problems. The effects and long term benefits will depend upon the user and how it is used in a daily. However studies have shown that almost 85% of those who used a stop snoring mouth guard reported to have improvement when it comes to eliminating snoring. Side effects might include excessive salivation and a dry mouth but these types of discomfort are not always the case when it comes to mouthpieces.

How much does it cost?

The price of a stop snoring mouth guard varies since there are various manufacturers who recommend this type of anti-snoring device that can help minimize the problem. Bear in mind that these devices can only be procured if you have a prescription in handy and these must also be FDA approved for your own protection. Make sure that you pay your dentist a visit first before you go out and try to buy this yourself.

Reasons to Buy One

Snoring really sucks big time, so getting a mouth guard is really worth a shot. Get your life to be functioning normally again by using a mouthpiece that can work for you so that you can regain a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep and prevent other serious medical conditions from ever emerging due to snoring. This can also help solve the snoring problem without going under the knife since this is not an invasive method and save your relationship since there will be lesser tension between the couple and both can enjoy their rest periods at night.

Effects of Snoring

Why put up with snoring knowing that it can ruin your sleep and make you cranky in the morning? Prolonged problems caused by snoring can really mess up your mood and performance at the workplace. It can also affect harmonious relationships since snoring can be a frustrating problem for a couple or even roommates.

Other methods aside from anti sleep apnea mouth guard

There are other means to prevent snoring aside from using a stop snoring mouthpiece such as anti-snoring pillows, avoiding allergens and dairy products that can cause nasal congestion, avoiding alcohol and living a more disciplined lifestyle by eating the right kinds of food and exercising to keep yourself healthy. You may also consider using elastomeric sleep appliance which is injected to the users. This is also a device that is made of soft silicone which is comfortable for use, recommended by dentists and is FDA approved.

Scientific benefits of Using This Device

Using a mouth guard has helped in optimizing one’s overall health through increasing oxygen saturation levels. It gives instant solution and works almost instantly since it can be used after buying the product by keeping your jaw locked, preventing the tongue from going backwards during sleep which blocks the air passageways. It can also promote better health and breathing since this helps the lungs and the heart function better during sleep, and your brain can also benefit from this since you get the much needed rest your body needs after a day’s hard work.

    Sleep Apnea: A serious sleep problem that cause snoring

    This is a medical condition that can be alarming if left unaddressed since a person stops breathing in intervals of time during he or she is sleeping. This causes snoring, interrupted sleep which leaves the person tired and irritated as well, and if left untreated can cause other serious medical condition such as a heart disease. Using an anti-snoring device can help in minimizing the bad effects of snoring or sleep apnea on a person.

    Are mouthpieces better than the other anti-snoring aids?

    Mouthpieces are usually a better alternative and a more convenient way of fighting off snoring compared to sprays, head straps and pillows. The effects and the solution are usually long term and the result if more effective and most of these types can be bought online. As long as you follow the instructions you will get the results that you want, but there are manufacturers that offer a full refund if the product does not work you.

    What to Remember When Looking for an Anti-Snoring Device

    Before spending thousands on a product make sure that it will work for you, since most of these devices are suppose to be one-time investments only to address the problems associated with snoring. Make use of the internet as your tool towards finding the right type of stop snoring mouth guard to aid your breathing during your sleep, which will help prevent snoring in the process. Read testimonials, reviews and even visit the forums for recommendation the online community might offer but most importantly visit your dentist so that he or she can recommend that right kind of mouth guard to help solve snoring and prescribe you something that is FDA approved.

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